On Marfa Sounding

Photo by Sarah Vasquez, 2016.

Photo by Sarah Vasquez, 2016.

Marfa Book Company/Hotel St. George
104 South Highland Avenue

Charles Curtis, Alvin Lucier, James Fei, Abinadi Meza, Ida Soulard, and Jennifer Burris Staton

How might we begin to think through—developing a common language with which to articulate—the manifold connections between these forms of music and critical frameworks engendered by work in the visual arts? How to engage these contexts without losing site of the music itself: the specificities of its sound? And how to talk about the multiple intersections between the development of new forms of sculpture and new forms of composition, particularly in the 1960s, without reducing the relationship to one of historical chance or art historical chronology – but, rather, foregrounding it as a relationship that continues to expand in ways that can help us continue to think through what these works are actually doing, how they inhabit and intersect with the world?

Sound Recording by Gory Smelley/Marfa Recording Co.

Jake Curreri

Innovator. Learner. Designer. Programmer. Engineer.