Photo by Sarah Vasquez, 2016.

Photo by Sarah Vasquez, 2016.

Fieldwork: Marfa
Antelope Hills Road

An all-night installation of Lucier’s Sferics (1981) on Antelope Hills ranch land inaugurated the first year of Marfa Sounding: one of the rare times this work has been successfully installed. Occupying space newly purchased by Fieldwork: Marfa, an international research program run by the Nantes School of Art and HEAD-Genève, Sferics transfigures electromagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere—radio waves—into sounds audible to the human ear. Following a lighted path into a darkened field from 10pm until dawn, visitors listened to those bonks, tweeks, and whistlers most active at night.

Technical Support by James Fei.

Lucier on Sferics:

Alvin Lucier, Music 109: Notes on Experimental Music (Middletown, Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 2012), 150–152.


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