Anna Halprin on Film

Photo by Jessica Lutz, 2017.

Photo by Jessica Lutz, 2017.

Building 98
705 West Bonnie Street

The second of two evenings of film screenings was hosted by Marfa's Building 98: home of the International Woman’s Foundation, an organization that runs an artist residency program with rooms and galleries located in the registered National Historic Site. Founder and President of the artist refuge, Blocker Garcia, conceptualized the space during her time spent living in South America in the 1970s. Built in 1911 to serve as the bachelor officer quarters, officers club, and grand ballroom building for the United States army, the building also features oil-on-plaster murals painted by German prisoners of war interned at the camp between 1943 and 1945.

Andy Abrahams Wilson’s film Embracing Earth, 1995 (23 minutes) shows dancers under Halprin’s artistic direction moving in dialogue with the shapes, rhythms, and textures of the California and landscape. A meditation on nature, this dance film explores how bodies and environment merge through movement.

Founder of Open Eye Pictures, Andy Abrahams Wilson also serves as the company's Executive Director and Senior Producer. He is a multi-award winning, Oscar shortlisted and Emmy nominated maker of creative non-fiction films. Wilson’s approach emphasizes the moving image as a way to bridge disparate parts, peoples and ideas. While his work takes on controversial themes, he uses the filmmaking process as an opportunity to encourage empathy and identification. Andy's previous films have garnered numerous awards, including a national Emmy nomination, and been shown on HBO, PBS, CBC, the Showtime Networks, and in theaters and film festivals worldwide. A recipient of a Pew Charitable Trust Fellowship in Dance/Media, he is the two-time Grand Prize recipient at the Dance on Camera Film Festival. Andy is a former budget director of the film distribution cooperative New Day Films and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has been recognized by the Northern California Marin Arts Council as Outstanding Artist, and by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences with honors for Outstanding Documentary Achievement. In addition to making films, Wilson serves on the board of directors of the Jewish Film Institute and teaches a yearly workshop on "Intimacy & Exposure: The Alchemy of Photography" at the Esalen Institute.